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Experience the charm and allure of Maramures and discover a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Romania. Our website is your ultimate guide to exploring this captivating region, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and traditional way of life.

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Rich Cultural Heritage

Experience the warm hospitality of the locals, known for their welcoming nature and dedication to preserving their cultural heritage.


Maramures beckons

Maramures offers a paradise for hikers and backpackers with its extensive network of trails weaving through the picturesque landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains.

About Maramures

Discover the enchanting beauty of Maramures, Romania, a region where time-honoured traditions, picturesque villages, and pristine landscapes converge. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry, exploring iconic wooden churches, vibrant folk art, and the whimsical Merry Cemetery. Wander through charming villages like Breb and Barsana, indulge in authentic cuisine, and embrace outdoor adventures in the Rodna Mountains. Plan your perfect trip with our comprehensive guides and connect with us for personalised assistance. Unearth the timeless allure of Maramures, where every corner holds a piece of Romania’s cultural and natural treasures.

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Rural Maramureș: Find the Timeless Beauty of Tradition

In the lush landscapes of northern Romania lies Maramures (Maramureș), a region that captivates visitors with its adherence to ancient customs and a pace of life dictated by the natural environment. This area is a bastion of cultural preservation, where traditional practices and the rural lifestyle provide a unique window into the past. The Heart…

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3 of the Best Mămăligă Destinations: Discover Romania’s Culinary Heritage

Romania offers a rich culinary landscape, and mamaliga (mămăligă), a traditional dish similar to polenta, is a staple of its heritage. This versatile and beloved dish is often served with cheese, sour cream, or meats like spicy sausage (cârnați). Here we will explore three locations where you can experience the best mamaliga on offer, while…

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Morbidly Beautiful: The Merry Cemetery of Sapanta

In the small village of Sapanta, located in the picturesque Maramures (Maramureș) region of Romania, lies an extraordinary and unique landmark: the Merry Cemetery. Renowned worldwide for its vibrant and colorful tombstones, as well as its humorous and heartfelt epitaphs, this cemetery offers a distinct and profoundly different approach to death, celebrating life with a…

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The Majestic Beauty of the Rodna Mountains

Located in the heart of Romania, the Rodna Mountains stretch gracefully across the northeastern part of the country. As part of the larger Carpathian range, these mountains showcase the essence of Eastern Europe’s natural beauty. From breathtaking peaks to rich cultural histories, the Rodna Mountains are a treasure trove for anyone interested in the great…

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Sarmale in a bowl on a traditional tablecloth

Sarmale: A Tender Romanian Tradition

Sarmale, the iconic stuffed cabbage rolls of Romania, embody the rich tradition and cultural heritage of Maramures (Maramureș). This region, known for its picturesque landscapes and deep-rooted traditions, brings a distinctive flair to the dish, making it a beloved staple of family gatherings and major celebrations. In this article, we explore the history, cultural importance,…

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traditional romanian woven fabric blanket from maramures region

Breb Village: The Untouched Magic of Old Romania

Nestled in the picturesque region of Maramures (Maramureș), lies the quaint and charming village of Breb. A hidden treasure that promises an authentic experience of traditional Romanian life, Breb Village is a destination that captivates travelers with its rustic charm, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes. This article explores everything that makes Breb an enchanting getaway,…

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